Meet Teddie!

My name is Teddie Fussell and I am excited to bring my 18 years of experience as a registered psychologist to this fresh, vibrant and diverse team at Rivers Edge Counselling!   

I enjoy working with adults, couples, families and in the areas of improving mood concerns such as depression and anxiety, adjusting to life cycle changes such as new parenting, divorce, bereavement, and eldercare, and in resolving communication challenges such as relationship or work related conflicts.  I also have significant experience helping organizations deal with traumatic incidents affecting their staff.  Currently, I have particular interests in helping individuals and couples recover from the the impact of infidelity in their relationships and in assisting those whose hoarding or clutter-prone behaviour is interfering in leading a healthy and well rounded lifestyle.

Having applied my skills in the fields of education, corrections, not-for-profit and employee assistance, I am well versed in working with people from diverse backgrounds and micro-cultures. Through my additional role as Clinical Program Coordinator with Stop Abuse in Families Society, I am privileged to participate in some fantastic multiagency collaborative teams and thereby not only help my clients be healthy individuals, but help maintain healthy communities for them to live in. 

Along with my husband, daughter, and friendly neighbourhood mutt, I enjoy being a St. Albert resident and making the best of the peaceful river valley, great culture, and rich amenities of this area.  I balance my work with persistence in learning to plunk away at the piano, savouring the pleasure of tasty but healthy cooking, getting lost in a good book and connecting with nature and extended relatives at family property in the County of Parkland.