Our Team

Our Team

Britni Voshell

Practicum Student, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Program 

In this new modern age, not only are we experiencing pressure from our busy everyday schedules but we are also facing daily changes that elicit new challenges. When these stressors begin to pile on top of one another life can start to feel overwhelming and inescapable. This is why counselling can be a helpful instrument in addressing the complicated and unexpected difficulties we face day-to-day.  

 I hope that clients will leave therapy with a new set of tools to address a multitude of life’s stressors. While I understand that therapy can be an overwhelming experience, my goal is to be an encouraging support so that you feel comfortable in session and get the most out of your therapy. I like to approach each client from a collaborative and flexible perspective while meeting the client where they are at emotionally. I treat every person as a unique individual with unique experiences; together we can come up with the style that works best for you. I believe that many of our changes begin with our thoughts and that our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviours. Therefore, I use a Cognitive-Behavioural, Solution-focused, and mindfulness-based approach to therapy. To achieve positive change, I plan to cultivate a healthy client-therapist relationship, instill a sense of hope and positivity, and provide a non-judgmental environment. 

I have been working with both men and women for over ten years, addressing addictions and various mental health conditions. I value respect, motivation, collaboration, and action in both life and therapy.

favourite quote

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves”

- Leo Tolstoy

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