Our Team

Our Team

Chi Q. Le

Facilitator: teen anxiety group

While the hub of human life may revolve around establishing interpersonal bonds, before such bonds can be fruitful it is the relationship that we have with ourselves that will ultimately define the kind of relationship we have with others.

In my counselling practice I believe that the goal of therapy is to deepen self-awareness and inner understanding by helping to cultivate the inner drive towards personal growth.

As a psychotherapist I have come to appreciate that the healing process takes time and that the possibility for change unfolds, as the other would have it. I pride myself in helping my clients come to that “moment” of self-awareness wherein they can take control of their lives, as they move towards achieving a sense of individual wholeness.

The journey of therapy may originate as a search for an end to emotional suffering, but it is also one that may continue to develop towards a sense of self-renewal in one's personal life.

I work primarily from a psychodynamic framework, which focuses on exploring the underlying thoughts and feelings that may be impacting an individual's life in the present (e.g., unhealthy relationship patterns), as well as exploring hidden barriers that could be standing in the way of psychological growth. Significant to the psychotherapeutic process is helping clients to engage in honest self-reflection and self-examination.

As an adjunct to traditional ‘talk therapy’, I occasionally use expressive arts, as a therapeutic tool, with clients who may find it initially difficult to express or verbalize their thoughts/feelings, with the goal of enhancing their ability to share and talk about their subjective experiences.  Expressive arts may also serve as a facilitative tool for reaching individuals who are non-verbal, emotionally withdrawn, or developmentally delayed

working with teenagers...

Adolescence is a time of flux, rebellion and separation that can surface in various forms such as depression, anxiety, or self-harming behaviours. A significant part of my work with adolescents is to help them to form an identity that is chosen by them ,rather than one that is imposed

Professional Qualifications:

  • Master of Arts – Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
  • Canadian Certified Counsellor – Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association


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