mediation services

mediation services

Mediation is way to resolve disputes and come to an agreement, without the need to go to court. This is accomplished with the help of a neutral mediator, who creates a safe environment and leads a process designed to diffuse conflict, promote understanding, explore options, find common ground and agree on solutions. Many people find mediation to be more effective, less costly, and less time consuming, than going to trial. It also may be less stressful to engage in mediation than an adversarial trial process. 

Successful mediation follows 5 stages: an introductory meeting; a statement of the problem; information gathering (storytelling); problem identification; and bargaining/reaching an agreement.

To ensure mediation is most effective and there is sufficient time for the process to unfold, it is generally booked in 3 hr. blocks of time. The number of sessions will depend on the complexity of the dispute or situation to be resolved. We offer a discount for the initial 3 hr. intake session, at 450.00. Subsequent sessions will be booked based on the regular hourly rate (180.00/hr).


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Alyce Allaster-Hunsperger
Alyce has pursued extensive training and certification as a family law mediator and is pleased to offer these services as part of her practice at River's Edge Counselling Centre...... read more
She has seen mediation work in many difficult situations and is passionate about the positive impact it can have in people’s lives. Alyce's Full Bio