Our Team

Our Team

Selena Arcovio

Practicum Student, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Program

I believe that every person has the inner strength and ability to create positive change in their life. My goal is to assist you with tapping into the abilities you already possess and help you uncover and embrace your personal power. 

I am drawn to Narrative Therapy because of the focus on the individual’s story and how one’s understanding of their story can shape their identity. When our personal narratives become problem-saturated, we forget that our struggles do not define us. I want to challenge these problematic narratives and assist you with rediscovering and rewriting your story. 

Above all, I believe that the most important aspect of counselling is the therapeutic relationship. I strive to be compassionate, empathetic, and respectful towards everyone I work with. By creating a foundational relationship that is built on a strong personal connection, I want you to feel at ease and open to being vulnerable with me. I aim to create a supportive space where growth can happen.

Before beginning my Masters in Counselling Psychology, I earned my Professional Human Ecologist designation and I worked in various non-profits serving people experiencing poverty and homelessness. As a Human Ecologist, I believe that there is a connection between all aspects of our lives, including the physical, mental, social, and emotional. I hope to take this perspective into therapy with me, where I will view your situation holistically by looking at your relationships with people and your environment with the goal of enhancing your wellbeing.

favourite quote

“If one has courage, nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

- Maya Angelou

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