therapy Groups

therapy Groups


10 Week Program

Saturdays:  Start September 28-November 30
Facilitators: Petal Murti, Grant Wardlow

After a suicide attempt life can be confusing and filled with conflicting emotions. Often times, the pain and life circumstances that lead a person to consider suicide remain constant and can be compounded by the reactions of family and friends. It is not uncommon for suicide survivors to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty, about their suicide attempt. In addition, while some may experience feelings of anger for having survived, others may feel grateful and look towards their future with newfound hope.

As a result of the stigma associated with suicide, many suicide attempt survivors feel alone in their journey and do not know where to turn for help. Talking with others survivors who share similar experiences can be an important part of the healing process after a suicide attempt. In order to meet the needs of suicide survivors the Survivors of Suicide Attempt Group offers a safe, non-judgemental, and supportive space for individuals to talk openly about the feelings that led them to attempt suicide as well as the impact that their attempt has had on their lives.

Groups run for ten consecutive weeks and are comprised of four to eight people who have survived a suicide attempt. Group meetings provide an opportunity for members to discuss the challenges and successes they are facing following their suicide attempt. Members will be given time to share stories and strategies for survival. With an emphasis on connection, compassion, and courage, facilitators will

  • lead discussions to help group members recognize the patterns of thoughts and behaviours that led to their suicide attempt

  • process and begin to heal some of the underlying emotional wounds that survivors still carry

  • explore avenues of hope by way of healthy coping strategies and tapping into various online, professional, and community resources.

Program details:

Individuals who are interested in this group will be invited to a 90 minute intake with a counsellor. The purpose of this intake is to discern together whether or not the group is a good fit for them at this time.

The program includes weekly individual 50min counselling sessions, as well as the group session. The purpose of the individual counselling is to provide participants with additional support and opportunity for processing their experience of the group and information provided.

Please note that participation in all of the weekly group session and individual counselling sessions is required.


Free* (This program is funded through a grant from the St. Albert Community Foundation.)

*Note: Prior to admittance potential members must complete an in-person intake to ensure the group is an appropriate resource at this time. Participants must be 18+.

For more information, or to schedule an intake, please contact:

Phone: 780-460-0022
Register online or by phone


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