Video & Telephone Counselling

Video & Telephone Counselling

Video counselling is an emerging and modern way for clients to connect with their therapist in a convenient and secure online platform. Using the SecureVideo software, clients can instantly connect with their therapists from anywhere in Canada through a secure and easy to use platform. This emerging therapeutic technique is garnering the attention of researchers, and preliminary studies suggest that for many cases online therapy is as effective and sometimes even more effective than in-person sessions.

This type of therapy is particularly useful for people in rural areas who would have to make long drives to the nearest therapist, but many people might benefit from such a style of therapy. The number one benefit of this modality is convenience. Members of the military or those who move frequently or people who travel for work and want to maintain a relationship with one therapist are great candidates for this unique modality. Stay at home parents who don't want to have to get a sitter for a therapy session can easily schedule a session from the comfort of their homes during nap time. People who want group sessions with family or loved ones in disparate locations can all have a session together with a therapist in a way that was not previously possible without travel. Additionally, those with physical or emotional limitations can eliminate barriers to care by connecting digitally Video counselling also allows a certain amount of anonymity that some clients may find appealing. Some clients may choose to use video counselling exclusively, whereas some may prefer traditional counselling and use the remote option only occasionally. Clients can schedule with their therapists to work out a combination of the two modalities that best fits their needs and lifestyle.

 In addition to offering the convenience of video or telephone counselling for attending sessions, we make scheduling and payments easy through our Client Portals. Learn more about our convenient Client Portals here. Understandably, many clients worry about the security of these online sessions. They can rest easy that in the same way they shop or bank or do other vulnerable tasks online, their health information is completely secure and the platform used is entirely PIPEDA compliant. Sessions are never recorded and the patient information is completely encrypted and secured. Both SecureVideo and Rivers Edge Counselling Centre takes client security regarding health information very seriously. Find more information about SecureVideo’s privacy practice here and more about how we keep your information safe at RECC here.

Despite all the benefits and convenience, online therapy is not for everyone. For those in crisis or who would harm themselves or others, there is no substitute for one-on-one  help in person. There are always some security and confidentiality risks when dealing with an online interface as well as the occasional technological glitch. Online therapy also may not be right for those with more severe psychiatric illnesses. Lastly, some people just may not like the dynamic and prefer to see someone face to face. It may be harder for some clients to foster a close relationship with their therapist without the benefit of seeing each other in person. Some clients also benefit from the therapeutic effects of having a safe space to go to for their sessions. Unfortunately, things like body language or the energy in the room that are so present in face to face sessions is lacking in an online interface and might lead to unintentional misunderstandings.

Alternatively, recent studies seem to suggest that younger clients, in particular, actually seem to favor the online format. For those that do choose to use online therapy, the convenience and ease can be a huge relief and comfort by removing barriers to getting quality care on their own terms. Deciding on whether or not video or telecounselling is a good fit is a personal decision that can be worked out with a therapist at RECC. Therapists can help to weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision that best fits the needs and desires of the client. More information about these services at RECC can be found on the Client Information form here.


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