Our Team

Our Team

Andrea Thrall

Registered Psychologist


I firmly believe in the healing power of relationship and I strive to nurture my clients’ connection to loved ones and significant others. I believe that positive change starts with healthy individuals who then form healthy relationships and establish positive child-parent connections. These relationships give rise to healthy families and thriving communities. To me, empathy and compassion are at the heart of healthy connection and by creating a space for these qualities to flourish, we take the first steps toward healing.

To me, the therapeutic relationship is an essential starting place for positive growth. Therapy is a space to be received and welcomed, a space where we can look at life’s challenges with a compassionate eye so that we may be curious about what changes might make life more enjoyable.


I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists as well as a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. I have experience and training in providing counselling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. My background includes offering counselling within school settings as well as not for profit agencies.

In addition to joining clients in therapy, I have also facilitated educational workshops on a variety of topics, including couples communication, parenting after separation and parenting in blended families. Within these workshops, I aim to support individuals’ self-understanding, cultivate empathy and learn specific tools and skills to resolve conflict and improve their relationships.

In therapy, I incorporate a variety of modalities, including: Solution Focussed Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy and Mindfulness-Based stress management. When I am supporting a child, I rely on play-based therapeutic strategies.

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Working with children is both a joy and an honour for me. With many years’ experience supporting families and providing counselling to children within an elementary school setting, I offer a broad framework for understanding the unique needs of children. read more
I believe that children thrive when they have a secure, healthy attachment to their caregivers. Because of this belief, my therapeutic work with children often includes a combination of parental support and individual, play-based therapy. I also incorporate a variety of mindfulness, play and art-based strategies to encourage children to become more aware of, and better able to manage, their feelings.

I view adolescence as a rich period of growth for both teens and parents. By understanding the neurological changes happening in the teenage brain, I encourage parents and youth to embrace this exciting phase of development. read more
I enjoy working with teens and supporting their emerging sense of identity through a variety of creative approaches. For example, I incorporate elements of talk therapy, artistic expression, and mindfulness skills. I believe that unconditional acceptance and compassion are essential in any therapeutic relationship, but especially so with teen clients.

I view relationships as essential to our sense of wellbeing and connection to the world around us. In many ways, relationships can be a source of great fulfillment as well as deep suffering. When our relationship is struggling, we can experience a range of feelings including sadness, loneliness, frustration and anger. I believe that in therapy, couples can work together to heal past hurts, learn new skills and build a new future for themselves and their family. read more
When I work with couples, I look to understand the influence of early family experiences on current challenges and support couples to develop more fulfilling ways of relating to each other. In doing so, I draw on principles of Nonviolent Communication, Emotion Focussed Therapy techniques and skills from the Gottman method. I see couples counselling as a truly rewarding opportunity for couples to develop and move into their best selves.

Experiencing trauma, whether in childhood or through upsetting events later in life, can have a lasting impact on many aspects of our wellbeing. The process of healing after trauma is unique to each person, though I keep in mind a broad framework of phases. First, I support individuals to strengthen their ability to effectively cope with difficult emotions, then we work together to process and integrate traumatic memories. read more
Lastly, we strive to restore a sense of connection to community and to find meaning in personal activities. By working together in a safe space, we can use therapy as an opportunity to move beyond hurt and into a place of acceptance and healing.

Whether it’s racing thoughts, chronic worry, shaky hands, or a pounding heart, anxiety can take away from our ability to enjoy life and take pleasure in daily experiences. Anxiety can show up in many ways and negatively impact our feelings, thoughts, physiology and relationships. read more
The good news is that therapy can be an excellent opportunity to learn new ways of being that incorporate a greater sense of peace and calm. When supporting clients who struggle with anxiety, I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches, including skill development, cognitive therapy, and mindfulness training.