Our Team

Our Team

Jasmine Fulks

registered psychologist

There are challenging times in everyone's life when we find our skills and ways of coping are just not enough. As a registered psychologist, I strive to help people develop the skills and resilience they need to navigate the inevitable and sometimes necessary changes they face.

I use an eclectic approach to help guide the healing process with emphasis on solution focused, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques.

I have worked with a variety of clientele diverse cultures, backgrounds, sexuality, abilities and ages experiencing a wide range of difficulties.

Areas of Interest


I am a masters level trained psychologist, with 18 years of various clinical experience. I have extensive experience working with adolescents suffering from mental health issues. I have also had practical work with youth and adults engaged in addictions. Through out my practical experience, I have studied how trauma and PTSD impact all areas of an individuals life acquiring a specialization in the treatment of trauma. My love of learning and passion for helping has facilitated to me engaging in a variety of courses and intervention techniques, including: suicide and self harm, anxiety interventions, working with individuals impacted by depression, advanced CBT interventions, trauma and attachment, addictions and trauma, codependency treatment, sound therapy and more. 

favourite quote

"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey towards it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us."
– Samuel Smiles

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I have dedicated a good portion of my career and training to understanding and assisting those who have suffered from trauma and traumatic events...read more
I use a variety of tools and interventions such as a tri-phasic approach, mindfulness, grounding techniques, and prolonged exposure to integrate the traumatic response and reduce emotional distress. I have experience working with military personnel, first responders (paramedics, fire-fighters, and police) who are suffering from PTSD. I am an authorized provider from Veteran Affairs and am able to direct bill for those that have been approved.

Much of my career has been committed to working with individuals who suffer from a variety of addictions (process and substance) as well as with the families...read more
.... who are suffering a long side the person with the addiction. I have had extensive experience working directly with individuals and groups, assisting people to make the change to a substance/process free lifestyle. I spent several years managing in-patient addictions facilities and have a firm grasp of working with individuals in all stages of recovery.

Adolescence is a time of extreme change and growth. I have experience and education working with teens...read more
...which includes assisting youth to work through addiction, divorce issues, self-harm, trauma and mental health concerns. My experience working in a children’s and adolescent mental health unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital has given me a unique perspective and skill set.

I have worked with couples to overcome different struggles at various stages in the relationship. Using Gottman principles...read more
...of couples communication and relationship building I have assisted couples overcome sexual addiction, infidelity and navigate issues with consistent fighting. I have experience working with couples to increase intimacy, communication, reconnection and increase feelings of safety and trust.

Pre-Marital Counselling
I have worked with couples to explore and navigate their relationship prior to getting married...read more
Addressing and exploring areas of how family of origin influences our behaviours, identifying communication styles, enhancing conflict resolution, discussing the decision to have children or not and parenting styles are some of the areas that are investigated in order to create a lasting marriage. .