Our Team

Our Team

Katherine Henderson

Registered Psychologist

On our life journey, we’re often confronted with obstacles that cause us to feel pain and suffering.  We might find ourselves overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, or difficult life transitions.  None of us are immune to suffering as it is part of the human condition.  Yet we do not necessarily have to be at the mercy of this suffering, and in fact, each one of us possesses an innate capacity to not only heal, but rise above our struggles stronger, wiser, and more whole. I believe that within each person, there lies an abundance of resiliency and wisdom that will naturally emerge under the right conditions. Counselling can be a powerful source for individuals to tap into their own internal strengths.  It can provide space to heal past wounds, to find greater fulfilment, peace, and meaning in life.


At the core of therapeutic change is the relationship between client and therapist. As a psychologist, my first and foremost goal is to create an atmosphere of safety, openness, genuine compassion, and empathetic support. I strive to truly hear my clients, to understand and appreciate their individuality and their experiences. I believe in working together collaboratively, to find a healing path that is suited and customized for each unique individual.  With an integration of both evidence-based scientific findings and spiritual tenets, I strive to deliver interventions that work. 

My eclectic therapy approach takes elements from Hakomi (mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy), Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Gottman’s Method, Existential Analysis, and Mindfulness and Attachment research. 

I graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree in 2013. I am a member in good standing with The College of Alberta Psychologists, as well as a member of The Psychologist Association of Alberta. 


My work experience in a variety of mental health settings coupled with my clinical training, has provided me a wealth of experience in treating a variety of presenting concerns including:

Favourite Quote

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

- Viktor Frankl

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By nature, humans are relational beings. We thrive best when we feel connected and securely bonded in our intimate relationships. Yet relationships aren’t always easy...read more
... Trust issues, communication breakdowns, and deadlocked issues can shake the foundation of any relationship, leading to feelings of confusion, abandonment, hurt, or anger. In these moments, we may feel at a loss as to what to do. I believe couple’s counselling can be a powerful tool for couples to find their way back to each other. With advanced clinical training in The Gottman Method, my mission is to offer a safe place for couples to heal from past hurts, interrupt ineffective patterns of behaviour, and develop greater levels of intimacy.

Surviving traumatic experiences can leave a deep mark on us emotionally, psychologically, and physically. We may find ourselves overwhelmed, alone, and unable to move on...read more
...Whether these past experiences were a single incident event, or repeated and extended periods of abuse, the possibility of healing is within all of us. My approach to trauma therapy is gentle yet powerful. I believe in the necessity of using a holistic framework that integrates body, mind, and emotions. I strive to ensure my clients feel a sense of safety, by armouring them with effective coping resources, and powerful strategies to soothe emotional and physical distress. My trauma training includes evidence-based therapeutic interventions including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Somatically informed EMDR, as well as Hakomi Psychotherapy.

Raising confident, healthy, and happy teenagers is a goal all parents strive for. However, teens today face issues unseen by previous generations. Advances in technology can create complexities to an already sensitive transitional life stage...read more
...Through counselling, teens can get help navigating these struggles. Whether concerns are related to low self-esteem, academic issues, peer pressures, or depression and anxiety; counselling can help youth discover their best selves. My approach to adolescent counselling draws from a combination of modalities including CBT, Mindfulness, and Solution Focussed Therapy.

Pre-Marital Counselling
Marriage is one of the biggest commitments we make in life. Yet for many couples, little time is spent planning what life will look like after the wedding, causing difficulties and conflict down the road...read more
...Premarital counselling is an investment in your relationship’s future. With compassion, warmth and a touch of humour, I strive to create an environment where couples can pro-actively plan, predict, and prepare for their futures together. In pre-marital counselling, couples can learn effective strategies for communication, learn how to manage conflict, and increase feelings of intimacy and connection.