Our Team

Our Team

Petal Murti

Registered Psychologist


Throughout my time working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and life journeys I have found that the greatest inspiration to the human spirit is validation of one’s story and the uniqueness of that journey. The idea is to empower those to a balanced integrative path.


I am a registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta with experience and background working with children, adolescents and adults coping with Crisis, Trauma, Mental Health and Addictions. I work with individuals from a variety of cultural/ethnic, sexual, and spiritual identity backgrounds

As a registered psychologist my goals have been to assist and guide healing and develop one’s preferred way of being with emphasis on Solution-focused, Narrative, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral approaches to therapy. I have learned that our vulnerability is our strength when held with care and empowered to be resilient.


I offer assessment and counselling services to children, teens and adults. I also offer couples counselling.

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I have been working with and studying trauma work for approximately 5 years....read more
Trauma seems to spill over into many different areas of practice and can result in many of the struggles that we face. I work from the perspective of the Triphasic model which incorporates a three phase process of therapy (stabilization, re-membering, and reintergration). I combine this approach with Cognitive Behavior Trauma Therapy, Narrative Therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR. All those models include a degree of psycho-education and building of awareness of one’s symptoms, how they function and are aggravated, as well as coping strategies that are coordinated to the individual needs and perspective of the patient. From this foundation one can process through the physiological and emotional pain of trauma and reintegrate these stories into their lives in a more adaptive way. I have worked with individuals of all ages and areas of work (such as, military, RCMP, victims of violence and abuse, victims of crime) that display symptoms of PTSD and Complex PTSD (e.g. attachment trauma).

I help to develop a recovery plan that involves external supports and helps the patient develop a more adaptive and healthy lifestyle...read more
I use of CBT and Motivational Interviewing as major contributors to my orientation. I have worked for the last 4 years with addictions, both substance and process addictions, having worked in both inpatient treatment and private practice settings. My approach is developing a supportive collaboration with the patient that meets them where they are at so that can work through the underlying issues contributing to and aggravating the addictive cycle.

I started out my work in mental health as a behavior interventionist...read more
... with children struggling with severe mental health. From there I moved in individual counselling with youth and teens around suicide and self-harm. This propelled me into working with an organization treating mental health for school aged children ages 5-18. Here I developed my skills in integrative play therapy, exposure therapy, behavior therapy, CBT and DBT to assist with many struggles youth face today as well as mental health concerns such as ADHD, OCD, ODD, anxiety, and depression.

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