Our Team

Our Team

Sue Temme

Practicum Student, Master of Art in Counselling Psychology


I believe that when a person truly knows themselves they can make decisions that are congruent to who they are and resonate with their mind, body and spirit.

I am confident that by creating a safe, non-judgmental and authentic relationship in counselling, you can find the strength to face your emotions and begin on your own personal journey of healing and change. I am both excited and humbled to engage on a journey with you to bring more authenticity and freedom to your life, and to witness the healing process as it occurs.

I view counselling as a collaboration between you and I where treatment and goals are tailored to you specifically. It is a privilege and honor for me to be with you as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and feel empowered to achieve your personal goals.

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I have loved to work with others and have done so throughout my life as a photographer, school owner, and piano teacher. I have had many life experiences that have shaped who I am including living overseas as a youth, being a spouse, a mother and a cancer survivor. .... read more
I am excited to be currently completing graduate studies in counselling, as I feel called to walk along others as they struggle with their own issues in life. I am passionate about how counselling can help a person shift in a way that can transform their life. I am drawn towards psychodynamic theory for its depth and framework to understand a person as a whole being: body, mind and soul. I ensure that therapeutic techniques are suited to the person I am working with and so may employ cognitive behavioural therapy or narrative techniques as well.

Favourite Quote

“If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing. If we don’t really know where we are standing…we may only go in circles” John Kabat-Zinn

John Kabat-Zinn