couples counselling

couples counselling

Relationships matter. Commitments matter.

And so when the most important relationship in your life begins to fall apart, it can leave you feeling sad, hopeless and overwhelmed.

There are many reasons for relationships falling on tough times:

  • Financial stress
  • Physical, mental or emotional illness
  • Infidelity (emotional or physical, in- person or on-line)
  • Life transitions
  • Job loss
  • Blending of families
  • Changing of values

As a result, intimacy and trust can be replaced by distance and betrayal. Ongoing conflict deteriorates the friendship and respect that may have once been the foundation of your relationship. It can become difficult to even know one’s self in the midst of so much hurt and anger.

At Rivers Edge Counselling Centre, we have a team of therapists who work with couples to mend their relationships. Couples counselling sessions are available in a non-judgmental atmosphere that helps couples rediscover the most important relationship in their lives.

Couples Counselling Sessions Can Help You:

  • Communicate with each other more effectively
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and "fight fair"
  • Rebuild friendship, intimacy and trust in your relationship
  • Find a way to forgive after betrayal and hurt
  • Explore the values, hopes and dreams that shape your expectations of your relationship
  • Find clarity and hope for your future together

Signs Couple’s Counselling Might be for You:

  • You barely talk with your partner
  • When you talk, you and your partner bicker – often about the same thing
  • You feel there are some things you just can’t talk to your partner about
  • You are currently having, or are contemplating having, an affair
  • You withhold financial information from your partner – i.e. purchases, investments, bank accounts, etc…
  • You believe everything will be okay if your partner “just changes”
  • Your needs for intimacy and affection are not being met in the relationship  
  • You want to make the relationship work


We also offer Pre-Marital Counselling. Learn more >

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Edna (Teddie) Knowlton Fussell
My approach to working with couples is grounded in research on the communication and interaction patterns that have helped long term couples be successful in their relationships.... read more
. I believe mutual respect, acknowledgment and negotiation are at the heart of any healthy partnership and I assist each member to examine the attitudes, feelings and behavior that might be getting in the way. Therefore, I help people shift from focussing on the shortcomings they perceive in their partner or themselves to negotiating the strengths, preferences, values and associated behavior they want to assert as individuals and as a team. In this manner I have helped couples work through the following issues:
• establishing a committment
• managing relationships with extended family
• new parenting
• discipline of pre-school, school-age and adolescent children
• work/home/recreation balance
• job loss/relocation
• different approaches to spending and managing finances
• hoarding or cluttered homes
• coping with physical or mental health concerns
• breaches of trust from deceit, infidelity, or abusive behavior ( a special interest of my practice)
• relationships with adult children
• becoming empty-nesters
• retirement
• caring for aging parents
• grief and loss
For more information, please see our ‘team’ page or contact me directly at or call @ 780-460-0022 ext. 310. Charlene's Full Bio

Nicole Imgrund
Some experiences in life touch us so profoundly, that they cause a ripple effect through the whole of our life—affecting us emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually. .... read more
My experience, training and skill in key therapeutic approaches gives my work with clients both flexibility and depth. While my primary approach is psychodynamic (relational, insight-oriented), I draw on a number of other approaches to meet the diverse needs and goals of clients—including narrative, solution focused, cognitive-behavioural (CBT), mindfulness-based and family systems. The breadth of these approaches will make it possible for me to help you determine whether a more reflective or problem solving, short or longer term approach, will best meet your needs. ..Nicole’s Full Bio

Christine Crocker
As a Registered Psychologist trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, I believe that relationships are central to the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities........ read more
Christine Crocker is a Registered Psychologist who has been providing services to families, couples and individuals since 2007, both in private practice and for agencies. Christine has a Masters in Science in Marital and Family Therapy through Loma Linda University and a Bachelor of Science Specialization awarded from the University of Alberta. Christine holds membership in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists (Reg# 3311) and the Psychologist Association of Alberta. Christine Crocker Full Bio

Jorge Ortiz
As a therapist, I use my natural curiosity as a way to understand my client’s struggles, so that I can help them lead a happier, more fulling life......... read more
I am currently a Registered Provisional Psychologist in the Province of Alberta. I completed my undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Alberta and my Masters in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. I have 19 years of experience working in mental health and addictions. I am passionate about helping adults, youth, couples and families recover from loss and heal from painful events in their life. Jorge’s Full Bio

Alyce Allaster-Hunsperger
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert more
This quote captures an integral part of my work with couples, which is to emphasize the importance of the friendship and balance needed as couples travel the road of life together. Read Alyce's Full Bio

Tania Johnson
It can be difficult to explore conflict with a partner when you are emotionally distraught..... read more
As your therapist, I use an eclectic mix of interventions to help you and your partner to work through conflict, to strengthen and repair relational bonds and to move towards a place of greater healing, trust and joy. Tania's Full Bio

Petrina Runke
Relationships can be challenging at times. It can be difficult to balance our needs and wants with that of another person..... read more
When it comes to an intimate partner relationship, it can become even more complex to negotiate daily stressors, such as finances, jobs, and family. At times couples might find themselves at a loss for how to work through issues that arise in the course of their relationship. I join with the couple to provide a neutral, supportive, and compassionate place to gain understanding, develop communication strategies, and increase harmony and unity in the relationship. Petrina's Full Bio

Jasmine Fulks
I have worked with couples to overcome different struggles at various stages in the relationship. Using Gottman principles of couples..... read more
communication and relationship building I have assisted couples overcome sexual addiction, infidelity and navigate issues with consistent fighting. I have experience working with couples to increase intimacy, communication, reconnection and increase feelings of safety and trust. Jasmine's Full Bio

Andrea Thrall
I firmly believe in the healing power of relationship and I strive to nurture my clients’ connection to loved ones and significant others. ...... read more
I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists as well as a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. I have experience and training in providing counselling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. My background includes offering counselling within school settings as well as not for profit agencies. Andrea's Full Bio

Charlene Remenda-Madra
Though most couples present with communication issues, issues of conflict, trust or infidelity the underlying issue is always one of attachment, or, quite simply, “Do I matter to you?”.... read more
Charlene works with couples from an attachment-based perspective to strengthen the bond between partners and increase feelings of safety and security within the relationship. She acts as a ‘process consultant’ to help people understand the negative pattern they are currently caught in to find new, more productive and fulfilling ways of connecting. Within our primary love relationship, we all want to feel accepted, a sense of belonging and comfort. We are truly ‘wired’ for connection. Charlene has completed her training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and is currently working towards certification in this model. She works with couples of all ages and stages of life from dating through to separation and with same-sex couples, as well. She approaches couples therapy from an integrated perspective using EFT, somatic and trauma techniques to help couples meet their goals or intentions for their relationship. For more information on EFT please visit Charlene's Full Bio

Felicia Anderson
Life can present us with many different relationship dynamics, expectations, responsibilities, and loss. At times, the emotions associated with these challenges can feel intense and overwhelming.. .... read more
Therapy is a safe place in which to explore past and present experiences, process emotions, gain insight, practice new strategies, and develop new perspectives. My primary goal is to provide compassionate, yet assertive, support to help people make meaningful change that will empower them to live with more authenticity and satisfaction.. ..Felicia’s Full Bio

Marti Lysek-Behiels
I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples in a variety of settings including non for profit and school settings......... read more
Communication is key to any partnership and I support partners to learn solid communication skills in order to create an empathic understanding for the other person. When working with couples I use the Gottman method as well as Emotion Focused therapy techniques to encourage couples to repair and resolve past and current pain. Marti's Full Bio

Laura Byrtus
In couple’s counselling, the real client is the relationship. It is not about determining who is right and wrong, but to look at what is really going on in that relationship. Each person has a part to play, both in the successes and struggles that are more
I have worked with couples to recognize and communicate with their partners their wants and needs. Also, learning how to express how one feels in a respectful, healthy manner can help keep arguments from turning into screaming matches. Making changes to maladaptive behaviours and thought processes results in healthier interactions, and therefore a healthier relationship.Laura's Full Bio

Laura Bailey
My work with couples utilizes an Emotionally Focused more
Through our work, we will identify negative interaction styles and explore the emotional experiences that are at the root of these difficult patterns, with the end goal of reducing conflict and building a deeper connection and more secure attachment.Laura's Full Bio