Psychological testing

Psychological testing

Specialized Reading Assessments

Reading is a complex process for students.  When they experience challenges with reading, it can impact their performance in all academic areas.   It is particularly important for a child to develop independent reading skills by the time they reach the end of the third grade.

 In order to gain a better understanding of a student’s journey to becoming a reader, a cognitive and detailed reading assessment can provide information to support programming and learning.  A diagnostic reading assessment can determine the developmental reading skills that a student has already mastered and the skills that they need to continue to develop in order to become as successful learner.  A comprehensive reading assessment can be particularly important for students who are not responding to interventions that have been provided at home and at school.

A detailed reading assessment can be used to pinpoint if a student’s challenges are due to

  • Verbal processing
  • Background knowledge
  • Phonological awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary

It is important to note that early intervention provides the best opportunity for success for students who are struggling with reading.  Prior to a comprehensive reading assessment, it is recommended that a student has their vision and hearing checked to rule out any roadblocks that may be factors in their learning.  

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Rhonda Wizniak
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting. more
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting. After teaching for four years, I became intrigued with learning more about the diverse learning, emotional, and behavioural needs of the students I was working with. Rhonda's Full Bio