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Wellness Matters Webinars

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Understanding Sexuality and Gender Expression in a Non-Binary World

TUESDAY NOV 28TH | 7:00PM - 8:15PM
facilitated by Grant Wardlow
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People today are defining and expressing themselves in ways that extend beyond our traditional understanding of sexuality of gender. Gone are the days of binary thinking in recognition that both sexuality and gender occur on a spectrum, and the language that comes with such change can be confusing. If you want to learn what the difference is between sex and gender, what it means to be pansexual or gender queer, what the components are that comprise our sexuality, or you are just curious about the different ways in which people today understand and express themselves as sexual and gendered beings, please come and join me in understanding sexuality and gender in a non-binary world.

How to Use Mobile Apps to Help Your Teen Manage Anxiety

facilitated by Jorge Ortiz
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