Our Story

Our Story

Our Vision

To create a welcoming, safe place for people to heal and grow.

To create a community of professionals devoted to excellence in care, ongoing
learning and collegial support.

Our Mission

Rivers Edge Counselling Centre is committed to provide counselling and psychological services to individuals, couples and families from a holistic perspective that helps people live their lives with a greater sense of purpose, peace, connection to others and understanding of self.

Core Values

We believe that within each person there is a wellspring of strength, wisdom
and creativity that can be drawn on to bring deep healing and meaningful growth.

We believe that the counselling relationship should be characterized by compassion
and integrity and that each person deserves to be treated with respect and
non-judgment for the problems they may bring.

We believe in the value and beauty of diversity; respecting spiritual, cultural and individual differences, including sexual orientation, social class, ability, age, body size/type, gender identity and gender expression, and political beliefs. The uniqueness
of each person is to be honoured and understood in the context of counselling.

We believe that the wellness of professionals is integral to their ability to provide quality care. A supportive, engaging community of colleagues is an essential aspect of staying well and continuing to grow professionally.

We believe that professional excellence and quality care is enhanced by an active learning environment, which includes the presence of students, ongoing consultation and professional development opportunities.

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