spirituality & counselling

spirituality & counselling

To some, spirituality is understood as a river, flowing formless and free, through all of the relationships and experiences in our lives.

Spirituality places ‘relationship’ at the heart of human existence and understanding. Relationship with self, other people, creation, ancestors, saints, Higher Power, Mystery, the Divine, Spirit, or the many names
for God.

For people who embrace spirituality as an integral part of being human, counselling can be a safe place to share this part of your story, as well.

All of the counsellors at Rivers Edge Counselling Centre understand spirituality as an integral part of each person, and some of our therapists have special training and education in exploring spiritual experience and issues.Spirituality counselling sessions are available in a comfortable and non-judgmental one-on-one atmosphere.

If spirituality is important to you, you may wish to bring this part of yourself to the counselling process. You have a right for this part of you to be treated with the same respect, openness, gentle curiosity and non-judgment as every other part of you (including your culture, race, sexual orientation and body type).

By Exploring Spirituality With a Counsellor You Can:

  • Explore your spiritual stories as wisdom for your own life’s meaning and purpose

  • Identify the particular commitments you feel “called” to make in response to your spiritual stories and experiences (for example, in relationship to creation, other people, or yourself)

  • Draw from the well of your own spiritual life for the resources you need for healing and growth (for example, community, strength, hope, faith, a belief about your own value or worth, or that of others)

  • Become aware of aspects of your religious or cultural heritage
    that may no longer ‘fit’ or even get in the way, of living a healthy, fulfilled life

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