Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marriage Counselling


Getting married is one of the biggest steps you will take in life.

Pre-Marriage Counselling can help you…

Assess your strengths and ‘growing edges’ as a couple

Build a strong foundation of intimacy and trust – and know how to reinforce and strengthen this foundation throughout your marriage

Learn tools for Communication and Conflict Resolution that will last a lifetime

Understand your personality similarities and differences – become aware of challenges they may bring, but also the ways you complement one another

Explore your experiences of marriage and family in your childhood and how they shape your expectations

Initiate conversation about many areas of your life together, such as:

  • finances
  • leisure activities
  • relationships with family and friends
  • sexuality
  • relationship roles
  • partner style & habits
  • spiritual beliefs
  • parenting expectations

Every couple is unique. Pre-marriage counselling will focus on the areas you most need to discuss prior to your wedding. The process and number of sessions varies between couples and therapists who offer the service. Pease call for more information.

Rivers Edge Counselling Centre also offers group pre-marriage courses for 4-5 couples at once. The course includes an individual session, followed by 4 - 3hr. group sessions, and a follow-up individual session. Call for more information and future dates.

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meet our pre-marital counsellors

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Jasmine Fulks
I have worked with couples to explore and navigate their relationship prior to getting married....... read more
Addressing and exploring areas of how family of origin influences our behaviours, identifying communication styles, enhancing conflict resolution, discussing the decision to have children or not and parenting styles are some of the areas that are investigated in order to create a lasting marriage. Jasmine's Full Bio

Tania Johnson
I am a trained pre-marital counsellor through “Prepare- Enrich”...... read more
Prior to our first session, you will receive a detailed online questionnaire about your relationship. The sessions are then tailored, through a series of exercises and conversations, to address your relationship’s unique needs, to explore areas of stress and to nurture communication and conflict management skills. Tania's Full Bio

Alyce Allaster-Hunsperger
Pre-marriage counselling has been a passion of mine for the past 10 years. I enjoy assisting individuals in building a solid foundation for their more
I have compiled a three hour, one time counseling session that assists individuals in being prepared for embarking on their new journey together. I offer this 3 hour package at a reduced rate to honour the commitment couples are making to the long-term health of their relationship, at a time when finances can be stretched. Read Alyce's Full Bio

Nicole Imgrund