when it just hurts

when it just hurts

We don’t always have a name for the pain we feel.

It may be a way of living that’s been with us for a long time – or something new that’s emerged.

When we don’t have a name for something, we rely on images, metaphors, or “a sense” of how things are for us, such as:

  • “It’s like I’m wandering lost through the woods”

  • “There just aren’t as many colours in my life now – everything is grey”

  • “I’m a ship without an anchor”

  • “I wonder how many stones I will have to turn to find myself again”

  • “I feel as though something heavy is weighing me down”

  • “I can’t seem to find light in this darkness”

  • “I’m living life without a compass, no sense of direction”

At Rivers Edge Counselling Centre we have a full team of certified therapists that have helped people just like you work through their pain. Just because you can’t put a word to what you are feeling, doesn’t mean they can’t help you figure out what is causing you pain, and help you alleviate it. Therapy sessions are available in a safe, comfortable and understanding, one-on-one atmosphere. 

Talking To a Therapist Can Help You:

  • Find words, images, symbols, or metaphors for your unique experience

  • Understand your experience as part of your personal story

  • Understand your experience as part of being human – knowing you are not alone

  • Learn to share your experience with supportive people in your life – and to ask for what you really need

  • Help you find inner wisdom and resources for hope and healing

  • Set goals and acquire the tools you need to achieve them, in order to live the life you desire (perhaps happier, more balanced, peaceful, focused, or connected to others)

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Note: Information provided is not diagnostic or a substitute for professional advice.