Women’s health Counselling

Women’s health Counselling

Women face a unique set of mental health challenges throughout their lifetimes. Women's frequent hormone fluctuations can have profound effects on their psychological and physical health. Additionally, issues around fertility and pregnancy can be delicate and often emotions surrounding these things can be challenging to articulate and manage. Some disorders like anxiety and depression are almost twice as common in women as they are men.

At Rivers Edge Counselling Centre we have a dedicated team of therapists who understand the complexities of women’s health related problems and who offer pragmatic and informed approaches to resolve them.

Types of women’s issues that can impact mental health:

  • Hormones

    • Puberty

    • PMS/PMDD

    • Menopause

    • Post-partum depression and anxiety

  • Pregnancy

    • Infertility

    • Fertility treatments

    • Transitions to motherhood

    • Miscarriage and infant loss

    • Termination of unwanted pregnancy/abortion 

Women’s health focused therapy can help:

  • Identify and understand the unique issues in women’s lives

  • Parse apart physiological, hormonal and environmental and even societal contributors to problems

  • Confront and understand deep-rooted feelings around fertility and pregnancy

  • Help navigate major life transitions like puberty, motherhood, and menopause

  • Give unique insight into how physiological changes manifest themselves psychologically

  • Make a plan to help manage hormone and mood fluctuations

  • Women to feel heard and to realize they are not alone.

  • Women to understand that their concerns and issues are valid and real and understood.

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