Life Transition Counselling

Life Transition Counselling

Change is part of life.

Sometimes change can feel like a cold glass of water on a hot day –a welcome and positive experience, like a landing your dream job or moving in with the love of your life.

At other times, changeis extremely difficult and brings with it significant loss –such as relationship loss, death of a loved one, kids leaving home, or job loss.

Life Transition Counselling Can Help You:

  • Understand the meaning of change in your life at this time - the way it has touched your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self

  • Move through the difficult feelings and losses associated with a life transition

  • Access your strengths and resources to overcome the new challenges you face

  • Find inner peace, tranquility and safety, even in the midst of chaos

  • Be mindfully aware of all aspects of your experience - your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, hopes, memories, dreams and expectations - as you consider a new life stage you are entering

  • Discover a new sense of self that may emerge as you accept the ending of one part of life and turn towards the beginning of the next

  • Explore how a life transition may affect your relationships with others - and how to find the support and understanding you need during this time in your life

Signs Life Transition Counselling is For You:

  • Life has taken an unexpected turn

  • You have been surprised by some difficult feelings that have arisen in the face of what you thought would be a happy life event

  • You feel as though you have outgrown a part of your life that used to bring satisfaction and vitality

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