What to Expect

What to Expect

It’s not easy to ask for help.

At Rivers Edge Counselling Centre, we want you feel as comfortable as possible in what may be a difficult time of life. We believe counselling should bring hope and healing to your life and not add undue stress. We have made every effort to create a welcoming, peaceful environment for individuals, couples and families to come for help.

The Centre is located on a quiet residential street in St. Albert, directly on the river path. There is ample parking along the street, as well as a few stalls in front of the building. Unless you have mobility challenges and have made prior arrangements with your therapist to access the elevator, please use the outdoor staircase on the right side of the building that leads directly into the Centre foyer.

If you arrive early for your session, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room and help yourself to some water, tea or coffee. There are reading materials, but you may also wish to use this time to relax and make the transition away from the rest of your daily activities. Some clients choose to journal or spend a few moments reflecting on the thoughts, feelings, questions and experiences they may wish to bring to their session. Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at the time of your session.

The length of sessions are generally 50min for individuals and 75min for couples and families, although therapists sometimes make other arrangements.

Before your first visit, there will be some forms provided to you, which will include information about confidentiality, consent and the process of therapy. At the end of each session, payment is taken, a receipt is issued and you may schedule your next appointment.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for any further information that will help make your visit to the Centre a comfortable one.

We are here to help.

Our interior spaces at River's Edge Counselling are designed to promote relaxation
and healing.


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The Right Fit

At River’s Edge Counselling Centre, we work with each new client to ensure they are matched to the right therapist. See how we do it: