Our Team

Our Team

Edna (Teddie) Knowlton Fussell

Registered Psychologist

Hello and Welcome!

My clients tell me my thoughtful, calm manner helps them feel safe to open up and put vulnerable feelings and concerns into words.

I have been Registered as a Psychologist in Alberta since 1997. I currently work with individuals, couples, families and organizations.

I believe in working in a collaborative manner and helping clients utilize their internal strengths as well as connecting them with valuable community resources.

My years of experience in mental health and program development have helped establish the following...

areas of interest and expertise

mood related

life cycle changes

conflict and communication

  • marital infidelity

  • other marital conflict

  • work related conflicts

As an approved provider with many employee assistance programs, I readily use brief therapy approaches. However, I draw upon many therapeutic modalities, as well as life experience from my personal roles as a spouse, parent, sibling, child, employee, volunteer and others. I also draw experience from working in education, mental health, corrections, not-for- profit settings and am familiar with the culture of several workplace industries.

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More About My specialties

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My approach to working with couples is grounded in research on the communication and interaction patterns that have helped long term couples be successful in their relationships.... read more
. I believe mutual respect, acknowledgment and negotiation are at the heart of any healthy partnership and I assist each member to examine the attitudes, feelings and behavior that might be getting in the way. Therefore, I help people shift from focussing on the shortcomings they perceive in their partner or themselves to negotiating the strengths, preferences, values and associated behavior they want to assert as individuals and as a team. In this manner I have helped couples work through the following issues:
• establishing a committment
• managing relationships with extended family
• new parenting
• discipline of pre-school, school-age and adolescent children
• work/home/recreation balance
• job loss/relocation
• different approaches to spending and managing finances
• hoarding or cluttered homes
• coping with physical or mental health concerns
• breaches of trust from deceit, infidelity, or abusive behavior ( a special interest of my practice)
• relationships with adult children
• becoming empty-nesters
• retirement
• caring for aging parents
• grief and loss
For more information, please see our ‘team’ page or contact me directly at teddie@riversedgecounselling.ca or call @ 780-460-0022 ext. 310.

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