Psychological testing

Psychological testing

Specialized Reading Assessments

Reading is a complex process for students.  When they experience challenges with reading, it can impact their performance in all academic areas.   It is particularly important for a child to develop independent reading skills by the time they reach the end of the third grade.

 In order to gain a better understanding of a student’s journey to becoming a reader,
a cognitive and detailed reading assessment can provide information to support programming and learning.  A diagnostic reading assessment can determine the developmental reading skills that a student has already mastered and the skills
that they need to continue to develop in order to become as successful learner. 
A comprehensive reading assessment can be particularly important for students who are not responding to interventions that have been provided at home and at school.

A detailed reading assessment can be used to pinpoint if a student’s challenges
are due to:

  • Verbal processing

  • Background knowledge

  • Phonological awareness

  • Comprehension

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

It is important to note that early intervention provides the best opportunity for success for students who are struggling with reading.  Prior to a comprehensive reading assessment, it is recommended that a student has their vision and hearing checked to rule out any roadblocks that may be factors in their learning.  

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Rhonda Wizniak
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting... read more
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting. After teaching for four years, I became intrigued with learning more about the diverse learning, emotional, and behavioural needs of the students I was working with. Rhonda's Full Bio

psychological assessments we provide:

  • cognitive / intellectual / iq assessments
  • academic / achievement assessments
  • adaptive behaviour
  • social / emotional / behavioural assessments
  • specialized reading assessment
  • vocational assessments
  • adhd assessments (children, adolescents and adults)
  • personality assessments


Please inquire for rates for specific assessments. Note that these services are offered by a Registered Psychologist and may be covered in full or part, by some insurance plans. Please check with your provider. We do not bill third parties, but will provide a receipt or submission and reimbursement.

Cancellation policy: We charge 50% of the assessment fee at intake and the additional 50% will be charged to your credit card 2 days before the session. We will provide a full refund up to 48hrs before the appt. and a 50% refund up to 24 hrs before the appt. (less a 50.00 administration fee if the appt. is not rescheduled). No refund will be provided less than 24 hrs. before the session, unless in case of illness or serious unforeseen circumstances, and the appointment is rescheduled.

The summary of our psychological assessment services is available for download here