"How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids" - Dr. Dan Siegel

Award-winning educator and Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Dan Siegel, explains how Self-Compassion can help parents to keep the lid on their temper - and to reconnect with kids when they do lose it. The video below is one of many insights Dr. Siegel offers for parenting, childhood development, mindfulness, and more. 

Stress in Children

It can be very easy for parents to overlook the fact that their children can get stressed just as easily as the adults around them do. This stress manifests itself in a great many ways, and can be very difficult for parents to deal with. One of the greatest tools a parent has in their arsenal when it comes to dealing with any type of stressful situation which affects their child is to talk and keep those lines of communication open. This will not only give your child mild exposure to their stress (a necessary step in overcoming any obstacle), but will also reaffirm your support for them and provide that valuable comforted feeling. 

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