Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Rhonda Wizniak

Registered Psychologist

I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting.  After teaching for four years, I became intrigued with learning more about the diverse learning, emotional, and behavioural needs of the students I was working with. 

I completed my masters and doctoral studies in educational psychology focusing in learning, development and assessment.


Dr. Rhonda Wizniak is a Registered Psychologist who has been providing assessment and consultation services to children, adolescents and adults since 2007. 

Rhonda has doctoral and master’s degrees from the University of Alberta focusing in educational psychology.  Rhonda also received a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Education from the University of Alberta with a focus in early childhood education. 

Rhonda had received several awards and scholarships throughout her post secondary career. Rhonda has been a long standing volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton region to raise money for supportive housing for individuals with mental health needs. 

Rhonda is in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychologists Association of Alberta.


I provide assessments and consultation services in:

  • Cognitive / intellectual ability: giftedness, challenges with processing verbal and visual information, memory

  • Academic ability: achievement levels in reading, writing, and math

  • Social and emotional functioning: anxiety, social concerns, depression

  • Behaviour: acting out behaviour, inattention, anger, impulsivity

Assessments can answer a wide range of questions. Some of these may include whether a child has a learning disability, requires specialized learning supports, is impacted by anxiety, or why a child has difficulty getting along with others.  

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Testing & Assessments
Over the past 10 years, I have worked as an educational psychologist in school divisions across the province. My focus has been on providing cognitive, academic, adaptive, and emotional / behavioural assessments for students .... read more

...who are struggling in some aspect of their school experience. Recommendations are provided to help caregivers and teachers support students in achieving personal success. Reports include information on how an individual’s strengths can be used to promote ongoing development. I have also done assessments on adults to assist with supports outside of school and provide appropriate diagnoses.

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The following handouts go with Rhonda's Attention, Memory and Executive Function Strategies webinar above.

Working Memory

Executive Functioning