Attention, memory and executive function strategies for children

Executive functions are mental process that help people plan, organize, pay attention, prioritize and complete tasks. For example, think about the different steps needed when you ask your child to get ready for school. This can include stopping what they are currently doing and juggling several jobs such as picking their clothes, finding their homework, and getting out the door on time.  When children and adolescents are challenged with these skills, it impacts their ability to be successful at school, home, and in other environments. 

In this recorded webinar, Dr. Rhonda Wizniak, our testing and assessment specialist, will help you:

  • Understand executive functions and their role in a child’s daily life.

  • Learn strategies to strengthen these skills.

The following handouts  also go with Rhonda's Attention, Memory and Executive Function Strategies webinar:

Working Memory

Executive Functioning