Assessments for Gifted children

Assessments for Gifted children

Parents often recognize characteristics of gifted children at a young age.  These children often progress quickly through developmental milestones.  Linda Silverman, a leading researcher in gifted education, reported that many parents identify the following characteristics in gifted children:

  • Learns rapidly

  • Extensive vocabulary

  • Excellent memory

  • Reasons well

  • Curiosity

  • Mature for age

  • Sense of humor

  • Keen observation

  • Vivid imagination

  • Long attention span

  • Ability with numbers

  • Concern with justice, fairness

  • Sensitivity

  • Wide range of interests

Although parent may recognize these characteristics, formal assessments may be used to provide information to a child’s learning team.  Early identification can be as important as identifying any other exceptionality to provide information to further develop a child’s strengths.  Formal testing can identify specific areas for enrichment both inside and outside of school.  It is also important to keep in mind that gifted students can also have learning disabilities that impact their ability to perform up to the level they are capable.  These disabilities can be overlooked because students are able to compensate using other areas of strength.  In addition, assessments may be required for specific programs and schools that provide specialized programming for gifted students.</p>

Rivers Edge Counselling Centre provides cognitive and academic assessments to identify well developed problem solving skills, as well as exceptionalities in academic areas.


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Rhonda Wizniak
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting. more
I started my journey into psychology as a kindergarten teacher in a rural setting. After teaching for four years, I became intrigued with learning more about the diverse learning, emotional, and behavioural needs of the students I was working with. Rhonda's Full Bio


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Please inquire for rates for specific assessments. Note that these services are offered by a Registered Psychologist and may be covered in full or part, by some insurance plans. Please check with your provider. We do not bill third parties, but will provide a receipt or submission and reimbursement.

Cancellation policy: We charge 50% of the assessment fee at intake and the additional 50% will be charged to your credit card 2 days before the session. We will provide a full refund up to 48hrs before the appt. and a 50% refund up to 24 hrs before the appt. (less a 50.00 administration fee if the appt. is not rescheduled). No refund will be provided less than 24 hrs. before the session, unless in case of illness or serious unforeseen circumstances, and the appointment is rescheduled.

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